Main Meals

While it is called the main meal of the day it does not mean that this meal needs to be twice the size of every other meal. 

This section looks at different recipes which are predominantly protein based.  That is they have meat, fish, chicken, dairy, eggs or dried beans as the base.

One of the main factors to keep in mind with the main meal is to try and keep the protein portion of the meal to ¼ of the total volume of the meal.  When serving your meal you will be on the right track if ¼ of your plate has the protein portion of your meal.

When buying meat, fish or chicken aim to buy around 150 grams per adult male serving and 120grams per adult female serving, although if you are buying meat or chicken with bones you will need to allow a little more.

Trimming the fat from meat or removing the skin from your chicken before you cook it is one way to reduce your fat intake. 

Use a good nonstick pan so that you do not have to use much oil or fat in cooking.

Practical Nutrition and Diet Advice

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Grilled Bananas with Passionfruit and yoghurt