What to expect...

Fiona will ask you about your medical history, social history (such as who you live with, who does the grocery shopping and your physical activity), weight history, and your current and previous dieting habits. She will ask you to step on her scales, but will understand if you prefer not to be weighed.

What to bring...

You don’t need to bring anything. However, it can be helpful and save time if you bring:

– Relevant medical notes

– List of current medications and doses

– Relevant laboratory results

– A written food record or an electronic food record, if you have one. Fiona recommends Easy Diet Diary, a free app for android and iPhones, that can be linked to the Food Works programme that she uses.
Using this information, she can analyse your diet in more detail.

– If you don’t want to keep a written or electronic record of what you eat, you could take some photos of your typical meals, but only if you want to.


You will be given written information relating to your discussion with Fiona and any goals that were set. Depending on your reason for seeing Fiona, you may be given ideas of suitable meals, portion sizes, and tips to help you reach your goals (this is not a menu plan where you’re told what to eat and when).